Data Community Events will be shutting down in November 2021 but don't worry - you will find all the same events at I am just reducing the number of websites I have to maintain.


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What exactly is it?

It’s a curated community event aggregator. Whilst it would be fairly easy to build an automated crawler that would go through the internet and collect any events, such a mechanism would not bring much value. It would create an overwhelming list of events with not much benefit over or Eventbrite.

I want to make sure that what is listed on this website is actually relevant to the data community and has value. This is not limited to, but will mainly include technologies like SQL Server, Power BI, PowerShell.

The website does not host events or take any bookings. It’s simply a repository of data related events with links to either the organiser or a booking website. To make a booking please go to the organiser’s websites. It’s purely designed to find data related events easier. 

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Can I submit event directly?

This functionality is coming soon. In the meantime, you can let me know on twitter:

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Why do you do this?

Good question. Please check the About section to find out.

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How accurate is it?

Accuracy is very important. 99% of events are automatically synchronised with the organiser. This means that when the organiser changes the date or time, these changes will appear here too. This will however not happen in real-time but every couple of hours so for a short period of time, there could be a discrepancy between the organisers and this website.

In the 1% of cases, this is impossible because the organiser does not provide event API. In that case, the event will be listed here as a placeholder with information to check the organiser’s website. Either way, this website is just guidance and although I try hard to make it reliable, I cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of the data.


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How can I help?

That’s great that you would like to get involved and help. Thank you. You can help by telling me of any events or user groups that are not listed on this website.

Or, if you like what I do you can buy me a coffee

Buy Me A Coffee

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I have told you about a user group but it’s still not listed here

This could be because we have linked to the organiser’s API and it returned no events. As soon as the organiser publishes an event it will show up here.

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How do you deal with timezones?

Timezones are extremely difficult to deal with without creating confusion.

The website operates on UTC timezone with no offset (UTC+0). All imported events are also baselined to the UTC timezone.

In addition, you will see times in your local timezone.

The event description may contain different time as this will be the time put by the organiser, in their local timezone. If in doubt, please always check the organiser website.

Because of this, you may sometimes see events starting on the wrong day. For example, a 08:00 PM EDT will be 00:00 UTC and this will be shown as the next day. Hopefully, the local time will be shown correctly based on your browser setting.

On some occasions, this may also cause reminders to show incorrect countdown.

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Can I advertise here?

I am humbled that you are considering advertising here. Although the website has hundreds of unique visitors per day, I do not currently consider general commercial product advertising as it could have a conflict of interest with what we are trying to achieve.

However, if you are an event organiser and would like to discuss how we can promote your event please contact me.

If you are providing free training courses for the community, such as RedGate University I will be happy to list your events here.

If you would like to support or sponsor the project please contact me. Alternatively, if you like what I do you can buy me a coffee:

Buy Me A Coffee

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Can I get notifications about upcoming events?

Yes! Although we do not currently provide customised notifications, you can follow our Twitter Bot to get reminders about upcoming events.

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There are duplicates!

Sometimes few user groups organise a bigger online event in which case, we can see the same session title and the same speaker across multiple events. The event would only be a true duplicate if it came from the same organiser twice or more. As long as there are different organisers, even when the event title and the speaker are the same, it’s not a duplicate per se.

If you have any doubts please get in touch so we can investigate it further.

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Is this GDPR compliant?

We are not storing, hosting or showing any details that are not already shown elsewhere. If you update the original event the changes will also be reflected here. This is simply an aggregator to make everyone’s life easier. However, if you would like your event to be removed from the website please get in touch.

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Do you have every single event?

No, but I am working hard to have as many as possible. If you know of anything that is not already listed here please let me know.

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Meetup events show incorrect attendee count

I am aware of it. This is caused by the embedded object caching. I currently do not have a fix for it. To find out the actual attendee count please go to the meetup page.

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